What is an Isotope? They are elements with the same number of protons, differing number of neutrons

Some of our stable Isotope products. Please contact our sales team, for quotes regarding rare isotopes, mixtures or any custom request


11B Boron Trifluoride


(>99.9 atom%)

11BF3 has applications in silicon semiconductor manufacturing as a P-type dopant. It is used where shallow, high concentration boron doping is needed. It can be applied via ion implantation or chemical vapor deposition(CVD). 11BF3 is a colourless, toxic, non-flammable, corrosive high-pressure gas



(99.9 atom%)

3 He is the very rare stable isotope of ordinary helium. All 3He produced today comes from the slow degradation of the radioisotope tritium. 3He is principally shipped and used in gaseous form in neutron detectors, spectrometers, medical imaging, ring lasers, dilution refrigerators, and ultra-low temperature physics research.
3He is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless high pressure gas

  • Ammonia-d3 (ND3)

    Ammonia-d3 (ND3)


    (>98 atom%)

    Deuterated Ammonia is used in Gigabyte DRAM production as a source or reservoir of deuterium in silicon nitride and silicon oxynitride passivation films. The heavier mass of the deuterium is desired to enhance the lifetime of specific transistors when the diffusion of the deuterium portion replaces lost hydrogen. Deuterated Ammonia is a toxic, corrosive, flammable gas with a TLV of 25 ppm

  • Silane-d4 (SiD4)

    Silane-d4 (SiD4)


    (>98 atom%)

    Deuterated Silane is used in Gigabyte DRAM production as a source of silicon without hydrogen, where the hydrogen that is typically incorporated in the crystal lattice, is detrimental to the high-speed operation of the gate. The heavier deuterium within the lattice provides a “mass barrier” to the Hot Electron Effect induced damage, thus increasing device lifetime. Deuterated Silane is a pyrophoric, toxic gas, with a TLV of 0.5 ppm. Deuterated Silane is also used in a variety of research applications to allow determination of hydrogen thermodynamics and incorporation rates

  • Deuterium


    (>99.8 atom%)

    Deuterium is also known as “heavy hydrogen” due to the added mass of the neutron. It is used in a variety of applications, ranging from university and industrial research comparisons between the hydrogen and deuterium in deposited film analysis, to use as a rapid thermal anneal for certain semiconductor devices where deuterium’s higher bond energy is desired. Deuterium is also used optical fiber manufacturing to eliminate the water peak at 1390nm which significantly decreases fiber attenuation in the E band



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