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Tomoe Transtech Specialty Gases was founded in 1998 with the purpose of supplying high-purity Excimer laser gases and other Specialty Gases of Linde Gas North America (Former Spectra Gases Inc) to the Semiconductor, Lasik and Medical industry of South East Asia as the joint venture partner. With the co-operation of Tomoe Shokai, we have the expertise to install piping, gas cabinets and scrubber systems for Laser Equipments. In addition to high purity specialty gases, we are also supplying high purity process chemicals, Metal Organics, Dopants to Semiconductor and research institute in South East Asia region.


Our Services
Installation of equipment for gas applications
We offer installation of safety gas cabinet for research laboratories and institutions... Details>
We provide piping services for all your gas needs... Details>
We provide efficient and reliable maintenance of scrubber ... Details>
Technical Support
We have a team Engineers who are trained in the Total Gas Business, with expertise in... Details>
Logistic Support
The warehouse size and capacity is over 5000 Square Feet of floor area for storage of... Details>